European Playstation Network store broken following maintenance (updated)

Following scheduled maintenance last week, the Playstation Network store in Europe, Australia and New Zealand is no longer working for many users. The problem, reported widely across the European Playstation forums, is that no content can be downloaded from the store, and download lists of previously purchased content are inaccessible.

Microsoft applies lessons from PlayStation Network downtime: don’t hunt hackers

Microsoft has chosen to “nurture” the talents of a 14-year-old boy who attempted to hack into the company’s online gaming network, Xbox Live, rather than slap the kid with lawsuits. The lawsuit approach to hackers is presumed to have led to Sony’s online game network being crippled for nearly a month.

PlayStation Store to return May 24 now that PlayStation Network is back online

Last month — on April 19, to be exact — I discovered that one of my all-time favorite PlayStation games, Xenogears, had come to the PlayStation Store while I wasn’t looking. I was ecstatic and quickly rushed to my PlayStation Portable to download it. And then the PlayStation Network (PSN) — including the PlayStation Store — went down for nearly a month.