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Prezi zooms past 10M users, releases PowerPoint import tool

In building an intuitive and fluid alternative to PowerPoint, startup Prezi is helping presenters reimagine their productions. Tuesday, the company announced that it surpassed 10 million users, and released a PowerPoint import tool to help members transition from outdated presentations to the zooming future.

CloudOn 2.0 brings the power of Microsoft Office to the iPad

The race is on to bring true productivity software like Microsoft Office to tablets. OnLive debuted its Desktop app earlier this year, which lets you command a virtual Windows desktop from the iPad or Android tablets, and now a smaller competitor has emerged with its own spin on bringing Office to the iPad: CloudOn.

How to build your startup without learning code

If you can’t code but aspire to start a Web business, odds are you feel just like the ostrich. Ostriches can’t fly, and to add insult to injury, they’re one of the largest bird species out there. They have to hobble around looking for something to do while their avian counterparts swoop into the air in boundless directions.

SlideRocket takes on PowerPoint with Web-based interactive presentations

Chuck Dietrich, CEO and founder of SlideRocket, has a problem with PowerPoint and other presentation platforms: They haven’t fundamentally changed in 25 years. Enter SlideRocket, an online presentation platform that brings interactivity and collaboration to a market otherwise dominated by Microsoft’s PowerPoint.

How to protect yourself from PowerPoint hackers

"Microsoft says hackers seek to attack PowerPoint users ," screams the headline from Reuters. Good news: Microsoft has already published a security update you can download and install. It plugs 14 holes in PowerPoint that could possibly allow remote control of a compromised PC. As far as anyone knows, only one of those 14 holes has been attacked, but the other 13 were potential problems.