“Anonymous” tracking now includes knowing your name, email address and everything about you — just not your full browsing history

Bizarrely, a tracking company Dataium still argues that a shoppers’ Web browsing is anonymous, even though it can be tied to their names. Dataium apparently adheres to the strict definition of anonymous: It does not give dealers click-by-click details of people’s Web surfing history. Read on for more on the intriguing investigation by the WSJ into anonymous (or not so anonymous) tracking….

FreshTag video chats start with a hashtag but they don’t end with privacy

Video chatting company FreshTag is sick of having to invite you to things. Can’t you just anticipate what FreshTag wants and do it before it asks? Gosh, be a better user. That is, when it comes to video chats. The company set up a way to video chat without usernames or friend-invites, though it may not be the most private way to meet face-to-face online.

New Facebook ad tech will let advertisers match your Facebook with their customer database

Facebook is working on new ad technology that will allow businesses you already buy from, but are not connected with on Facebook, match your email address and your Facebook identity.
By merging their customer records and your Facebook information, companies will be able to market to you better on Facebook … because they’ll know much more about you.