Salesforce1, meet ExperienceOne, IBM's platform to connect sales, marketing, and service

Today IBM launched ExperienceOne, a new integrated portfolio of offerings to help organizations bring marketing, sales, and service together. It’s also a single label to pin on a vast $3 billion array of acquisitions, software, and services that IBM has bought and built over the past five years in the marketing, e-commerce, and — yes — hosting/cloud industries.

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Will the cloud divide America and Europe?

Cloud executive Rajesh Ram has discovered hesitation among European enterprises to store data on external clouds. Now he sees innovation opportunities ahead.

The zCloud revisited: lessons from Zynga’s public-private cloud experience

Recently, we were proud to publicly unveil the private cloud computing infrastructure that we use to scale our social games — infrastructure that we internally (and affectionately) call zCloud. zCloud leverages both our internal infrastructure components and our public cloud partner, Amazon Web Services. This hybrid cloud, using private and public clouds in unison, allows us to scale our social games efficiently and effectively for our millions of daily players.

Dell: The public cloud doesn’t scare us!

Dell makes a good chunk of change off selling servers. The Texas-based company raked in $1.8 billion off server sales in the last quarter alone — which was up 20 percent from $1.5 billion the same quarter a year earlier.