Google Glass zombie

Ending the epidemic of 'zombie meetings'

Zombie meetings are an epidemic infecting companies everywhere. Here’s how you can prevent an outbreak of undead meetings before they start.

The productivity paradox

Technology is helping us do just about everything so much faster — so why aren’t we more productive?

Automate your life with 24me

Oscar Wilde said that “To do nothing at all is the most difficult thing in the world.” But for those of us who would love to be doing nothing, there’s 24me, a free new iPhone app that populates your daily to-do list automatically and lets you complete those tasks at the touch of a button.

my hired slapper

How I quadrupled my productivity by hiring someone to slap me

San Francisco: the city of weirdos. It’s got such a collection of nerds, hipsters, millionaires, crack addicts, etc. that no one even notices when a random blogger gets repeatedly slapped in the face at a coffee shop.

getting your business to run itself

How to build a bulletproof system so your startup runs itself

A common motivation for entrepreneurship is the craving for freedom that is supposed to come with being your own boss. Unfortunately, even the most talented people with the most marketable ideas often wind up being slaves to their new businesses instead.

11 productivity tips from successful entrepreneurs

When everything’s a priority, how do you maximize your productivity and continue getting things done? We asked eleven entrepreneurs about their strategies for staying on top of mounting piles of work, focusing on what’s important, and otherwise holding on to their sanity while building a company.

CloudOn 2.0 brings the power of Microsoft Office to the iPad

The race is on to bring true productivity software like Microsoft Office to tablets. OnLive debuted its Desktop app earlier this year, which lets you command a virtual Windows desktop from the iPad or Android tablets, and now a smaller competitor has emerged with its own spin on bringing Office to the iPad: CloudOn.