‘We work on what we think is cool,’ says Gumroad’s 20-year-old CEO

Some of the hottest startups out right now are those in the payments sector. Square, Stripe, Flattr and Braintree are some leading the pack, as well as newcomer Gumroad, which wants to make it as easy to sell to followers as it is to share a link.

DeanBeat: The iPhone fairy tale comes true for Russia’s Cut the Rope developers

The iPhone fairy tale is becoming a familiar one for game developers: A small indie developer creates a hit, people love it, and it spreads like wildfire through the App Store. Tens of millions or hundreds of millions of downloads later, and the developers are rich and on their way to building a mobile gaming empire. Sometimes they even sell adorable plush toys based on their game characters.

Could MySpace’s new facelift win over Facebook users?

Popular social network MySpace today announced it has decided to give its profiles a face lift with a more simplistic format. The change comes as a result of user feedback that cited troubles navigating profiles and finding content, said a company spokesperson.