Twitter to push ad products to 50 countries by year’s end

Twitter brought in an estimated $139.5 million in ad revenue in 2011, and it’s found a business model that’s made for mobile; now it’s greatest obstacle in ramping up revenue is the limited availability of its Promoted Products, which are currently available in the U.S., UK, Japan, and Canada.

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Twitter ads now unavoidable in iPhone, Android apps

The Twitter mobile experience is getting infinitely noisier today. The information network is in the process of pumping up the volume on the amount of mobile advertising content it shows to users.

Just like Google and Facebook, Twitter now charges brands to reach their own customers

You know a web service has reached massive scale when it can charge brands to reach their own customers. Google has been doing it for years, Facebook’s been at it for the past couple of years, and now Twitter has just entered this hallowed territory with its new promoted tweets feature, which lets brands keep their tweets alive in your stream only if you have already followed that brand. The irony here is that you are only seeing these promoted tweets if you already followed that brand – so the brand is paying to advertise to users that already like it.


Twitter getting ready for in-stream ads?

Ready for more ads in your Twitter feed? To boost revenue, Twitter is planning to get more aggressive about ads on its site, making promoted tweets more prominent in the main stream of updates, reports the Financial Times.

Twitter takes another step towards in-stream ads

Twitter continued to tiptoe forward today with its plans to ramp up advertising on its microblogging service. It plans to eventually introduce ads into the stream of user updates, but it’s not quite there yet.

Social network ad spending to hit $1.7 billion in 2010

According to new research released Monday by eMarketer, U.S. advertisers will spend an estimated $1.7 billion in ads on social networks in 2010, accounting for 6.7 percent of all online ad spending.