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This year’s top surprises at E3

With the video game industry’s largest trade show over, it’s time to wrap up some of the highlights. We’ll start with the biggest surprises that VentureBeat’s Dean Takahashi and I saw at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

One game, any device: Hideo Kojima’s vision of a seamless gaming future

Hideo Kojima, who created the Metal Gear Solid game series, demonstrated the newest gaming feature from game maker Konami today: the ability to transfer save games between consoles and handheld gaming devices so you can continue your gaming experience on the fly. Kojima gave the demo at a pre-E3 event in San Francisco.

Report: U.S. video game sales rise in March, God of War III leads sales charts

Things were looking up for the video game industry in March. Software sales grew 10 percent to $875.3 million from the same time a year ago, and industry revenues as a whole grew 6 percent to $1.52 billion, according to the market researcher NPD Group. Even accessory sales saw gains, up 11 percent to $206.8 million.