Get the puzzle pieces in place, and you can rock out.

How to rock at startup PR

There is a “going public” that comes before going public. It has nothing to do with stock; nothing to do with strike price or the market’s current appetite for tech offerings. This going public is how companies that understand media introduce themselves to the world.

Surge pricing can lead to your company getting battered by the waves of public opinion.

Evernote's Phil Libin shows how to do startup PR the right way

Evernote CEO Phil Libin got a terrible birthday present for his 42nd birthday: a highly critical review of the popular note-taking service by influential tech blogger Jason Kincaid. But Libin’s response was a rarity in the Valley these days: it showed a CEO who gets the importance of good PR.

Startup tools

5 reasons your startup is failing at PR

Why doesn’t the press love you? Instead of harassing bloggers, manically posting press releases, and relying on buzzwords, try these techniques.

PR disaster

Preparing for a PR disaster

Chances are, if you’re a reasonably successful startup, you’ll eventually face a PR disaster. How you respond can turn that disaster into a marketing opportunity, a bump in the road, or the iceberg that sinks your company.

How to hold a tech product press conference

One product that Apple does exceptionally well is the press conference. This week’s Worldwide Developers Conference was no exception, with a two-hour presentation that, while on the long side, was perfectly orchestrated, beautifully presented, and full of real news.

NewsBasis: Death to the bad PR pitch!

NewsBasis, the startup aiming to make communication between journalists and the companies they cover smooth as butter, is launching a new media-relations service today that hopes to bring publicity to small companies which can’t afford a professional PR firm’s monthly retainer.

It’s ok to steal…

(Editor’s note: Michael Greenberg is COO of Loyalty Lab. He submitted this story to VentureBeat.)

Four keys to a great PR campaign

While you can’t underestimate the power of a good press release, too many businesses forget that it’s just the beginning of a process. The real trick to successful marketing is ensuring you have all the elements of your public relations campaign in place before turning the spotlight on yourself.