BlackBerry PlayBook 4G

Is Android RIM’s backup plan?

Many are worried about the long-term viability of BlackBerry given its shrinking market share. Of course, Research in Motion is still making money and selling lots of phones. But the competition from iPhone and Android is intense, and it has to do something to be seen as a “next gen” smartphone supplier if it wants to regain its luster.

RIM CEO: How come we get no respect?

“Why is it that people don’t appreciate our profits?” Research in Motion co-CEO Mike Laziridis asked the New York Times in an interview.

RIM opens up to Android, but will it be too late?

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion had a double dose of news today. It announced that its BlackBerry PlayBook would support Android apps, and it also released financials that included a 36 percent increase in quarterly revenues.