Photos show the cultural difference between Black Hat and Defcon hacker events

Thousands of security professionals, hackers, federal agents and media descended on Las Vegas this week to attend the Black Hat and Defcon conferences. The two conferences exhibit the extremes of hacker and security culture, with federal agents and major corporations descending on Black Hat in large numbers and mohawk-styled hackers and Electronic Frontier Foundation lawyers attending Defcon. It’s like the difference between law enforcement and pranksterism, where both have the object of protecting freedom.

Qualys makes major push for cloud security at Black Hat

Phillipe Courtot, chief executive of Qualys, has been singing the praises of cloud-based security for more than a decade. Now the topic is fashionable and generating a $65 million a year for his company, and Qualys announced some upgrades to its cloud security platform this week at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas.