Is Google+ planning to add games and questions?

While most people are still waiting to experience the plethora of new features available on Google+, there are portions of the new social service that no one has access to yet.¬†An examination of Google+’s code reveals references to both Google Games and Google Questions, reports Engadget.

Google’s Don Dodge: Q&A site StackOverflow’s valuation “gave me a heart attack”

StackOverflow, a question-and-answer site popular with programmers and other technical professionals, launched a new site today that helps prospective employers browse the site for talented engineers. It was a hit with most of the judges — but not with Google’s Don Dodge, at least after he saw the price tag.

Predilect lands $750k for stronger security questions

Predilect, a company working to strengthen online security, today announced it has secured a first round of funding for $750,000 from serial entrepreneur and investor Jon Fisher as well as several other angels.