Spotify signs deal with Universal Music

Music service startup Spotify has signed an American distribution deal with Universal Music, the third major record label to sign such an agreement, reports All Things Digital.

Apple paying music labels $100M-$150M for iCloud

Apple is paying the four major music labels in the US between $100 million and $150 million in advance of launching its music streaming service iCloud, the New York Post reports.

Tennessee just made it illegal to share your Netflix account

Sharing the user name and password of any streaming media account is now considered against the law in Tennessee, according to a web entertainment theft bill signed into law yesterday by state Governor Bill Haslam.

Apple’s cloud music service might crush the competition

Amazon and Google got their cloud music services started before Apple. But Apple seems to be outshining the competition again with its cloud service — at least according to what’s been reported so far. It’s been making deals with record companies –- a move that makes using the cloud services much more consumer-friendly. Users would not have to upload their music library to the cloud before using the service.

Limewire settles record label suit paying out $105 million

P2P file-sharing service LimeWire has agreed to pay $105 million to the record companies responsible for shutting it down in October last year, settling a five year-long lawsuit against the now-defunct company.