Top 10 deals: SimCity, Tomb Raider, and more

This week we see the release of two big titles: SimCity (in all its glorious server-connection error issues), and the well-received Tomb Raider. Both titles can currently be found on sale.

Darksiders II interview: “Death just goes Jack Bauer on everybody’s ass”

The original Darksiders was a mostly successful blend of Devil May Cry action, Ocarina of Time puzzles, and Joe Madureira comic art. It told the story of War, one of the Four Horsemen, who had been wrongly accused of starting the Apocalypse. At the end of the game, the other horsemen were seen rocketing through the sky coming to aid their brother, leaving many to rightfully assume the sequel would continue that story and include some sort of multiplayer aspect.

OnLive gets on exclusive demo for Red Faction Armageddon

OnLive will get the exclusive PC demo of Red Faction Armageddon, marking the first time that any major new video game will be available only to PC gamers through Onlive’s cloud gaming service.