New ONC fee proposal scares health IT sector

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT just released its budget plan for 2014, which would increase its funding. But it’s a little-reported line item that’s causing a stir among entrepreneurs — a proposal to boost fees for electronic health record vendors.

European regulators investigate Facebook facial recognition over privacy concerns

Several European privacy regulators said Wednesday they are investigating Facebook’s facial recognition software, which was enabled without the consent of millions of users Tuesday, according to the Financial Times. Facebook says the purpose of the new feature is to make it easier for users to tag photos.

Microsoft’s first antitrust target: Google

How the tables have turned. Microsoft, a company that is no stranger to regulator scrutiny, is planning to file an antitrust complaint against Google in Brussels today, the New York Times reports.

Good heavens! SEC could take aim at super angels

New financial regulations proposed by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission will fall most heavily on super angels, a lawyer who specializes in the industry told VentureBeat this week.

On the GreenBeat: Ener1 sells $20 million in stock, Hara’s success could attract buyers

Battery company Ener1 is selling $20 million in stock as part of efforts to expand capacity at its plants, Dow Jones Newswires reports. Ener1 batteries are geared towards electric vehicle use. The company announced a $65 million capital raise earlier this month. It has raised over $160 million in equity so far and also earned a government grant.