Netflix Game Over

Netflix backpedals on video game rental plans

Netflix is no longer planning to offer a video game disc rental-by-mail service to complement its DVD-by-mail and streaming video subscription service, the company revealed Wednesday during its fourth quarter earnings call.

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Redbox jumps into video game rentals

Redbox, which runs several kiosks in stores that let individuals rent movie DVDs at cheap rates, announced Thursday that it is introducing video game rentals to around 21,000 of its kiosks.

Airbnb lies down with VCs, wakes up with money

When I first heard about rental startup Airbnb, I thought it sounded a bit odd — and finding out its founder rents rooms from his customers only increased that impression. But now I’m hearing more and more buzz about the company, and today it announced that it has raised $7.2 million from Sequoia Capital and Greylock Partners.

Talk of 99-cent iTunes TV rentals points to revamped Apple TV

As if we needed more evidence that Apple is planning to launch a new Apple TV (which will most likely be called iTV), now there’s word that the company is preparing to let iTunes users rent TV shows for 99 cents, according to Bloomberg.