responsive design

Is responsive design killing mobile?

Is it better to build a site that’s purely mobile — or one that adapts to mobile and desktop viewers?


Why I believe in Adobe and the web (op-ed)

Everybody benefits from flourishing open web standards. I am happy Adobe is continuing to embrace that approach, for its contributions to the web and for its Edge tools and services.

Responsive design

The case for responsive design

Peter Yared, CTO of CBS Interactive, stirred up a bit of controversy recently when he wrote that adaptive design techniques make it difficult for publishers to monetize content.

Has adaptive design failed? Of course not

Yesterday morning I read Peter Yared’s provocative article, ‘What’s next for mobile now that adaptive design has failed?’ which is based entirely on the misassumption that mobile users don’t scroll. If that were true, the reasoning might be valid, but it’s not. It’s utter nonsense.