The iPad Mini

Rumor: iPad Mini is going retina

The iPad mini may be a marvel of miniaturization and the best small tablet on the market, but it lacks a high-quality retina display, and it’s not exactly cheap. It looks like at least one of those issues could be resolved soon.

Happy iPad-launch eve! What you need to know before lining up

On Friday, stores around the world will be opening their doors to crowds of Apple fans, eager to be the first to swipe their frozen, grimy fingers across the glorious new iPad Retina display. The lines aren’t necessary, you can buy the devices online, but they’re an admirable feat of branding and marketing, and a display of just how hungry Apple fans are to have the latest gadget before anyone else.

Samsung, LG to duke it out over crazy high-res tablet LCDs

Tablet screens are about to get a whole lot sharper. Samsung today announced a new 10.1-inch display for tablets with an incredibly high resolution. And LG — which builds the iPhone 4’s sharp Retina Display — has some new display technology in the works.

Apple staffer: Save your excitement for iPad 3, not iPad 2

Tomorrow’s iPad 2 launch isn’t the one that we should be getting excited about, instead we should reserve our enthusiasm for the iPad 3, which is apparently due later this year, an Apple employee tells the Cult of Mac.

Retinal scientist puts iPhone 4’s Retina Display under the microscope

University of Utah’s Bryan Jones isn’t the first scientist to weigh in on the iPhone 4’s Retina Display — Raymond Soneira, a Princeton professor, has previously claimed that it’s false marketing, which Discover’s Phil Plait rebutted —  but he’s the first to put the high-resolution screen under a microscope to test Apple’s claims.