Samsung’s Galaxy S III: It’s good to be the Android king (review)

With the Galaxy S III, Samsung is downright flaunting its expertise with Android hardware. From its gorgeous screen, to its smooth curves, the phone is a beauty to behold. The Galaxy S III joins the latest wave of Android phones (which include HTC’s One series) that finally make Android feel like the superpowerful mobile OS Google has always promised.

Review: A Minecraft review isn’t really possible, but we’ll try anyway

How the hell do you write a review for a game that’s been out since 2009? A game that you’ve played across many changes, with additions and subtractions, a game without a box, a user manual, or, really, any sort of guiding pedagogy. I’ve personally spent at least 100 hours, probably more, playing this procedurally generated oddity of a video game across the beta and official versions, on servers, my own server, and in single player modes. And yet, I still can’t seem to get a simple handle on it, and why it keeps me coming back for more.

Review: Kinect Disneyland Adventures is the most unique and most disappointing Kinect game yet

For the better part of five years, I worked as  Disney cast member. I spent day after day learning the biggest secrets of a company that protects fiercely and, as a result, I lost what Disney and its fan know as “the magic.” The extraordinary became mundane,  and in a weird way, I began to step away. Who knew it would take a virtual trip back to reignite my love?

Google launches local business-recommendation engine Hotpot

Google today announced on its blog the release of Hotpot, a recommendation engine for local businesses based on you and your friends’ ratings. Hotpot is an addition to the company’s Google’s Places initiative, a campaign to get local business owners to claim their venues, verify information and engage with customers.

Yelp drops "Favorite Review" feature, increases review transparency in response to extortion claims

Business-review site Yelp has been in hot water recently with many business owners reporting extortion-like tactics from Yelp representatives. Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman has long denied those claims, and today the site has implemented two major changes in an effort to regain any lost user trust: It’s enabling users to see reviews filtered out by the site’s review filter, and it’s ending the “Favorite Review” feature, which was part of its advertising package.