ReelyActive wants to create the Internet of things for the little guy

“We connect things to the cloud — anything that normally wouldn’t communicate,” ReelyActive chief executive Jeffrey Dungen told me today. “But the small companies that have looked at RFID are totally disenfranchised … they go looking for a solution for maybe 100 or 200 RFIC tags, and simply can’t buy one.”

DEMO: Dynamics to bring plastic credit cards into the 21st century

Dynamics is one of 70 companies chosen by VentureBeat to launch at the DEMO Fall 2010 event taking place this week in Silicon Valley. After our selection, the companies pay a fee to present. Our coverage of them remains objective.

ClearCount gets $5M to make surgeries safer for patients

ClearCount Medical Solutions, a company that uses RFID chips to count and track surgical sponges, has raised $5 million in a second round of funding. Based in Pittsburgh, Penn., the company’s technology is used to prevent surgeons from leaving sponges in patients during surgical procedures. According to ClearCount, sponges are left behind in one out of every 1,000 to 1,500 intra-abdominal surgeries, and such incidents can lead to infections.

Barcode tagger Stickybits scores $1.6 M in funding

Stickybits, a startup aiming to slap barcodes on real-world objects to link them to virtual information, has raised $1.6 million in additional seed funding on top of earlier $300,000 in initial funding. The company scored some new investors, bringing in First Round Capital and Lowercase Capital, who join previous investors Mitch Kapor and Polaris Venture Partners.