Roambi Flow turns your business information into gorgeous iPad reports

After revolutionizing the way companies can interact with their business data on the go with its Roambi app, San Diego-based startup Mellmo is now aiming to let you use that data to create gorgeous interactive reports and presentations with its new iPad app and publishing platform Roambi Flow.

MeLLmo raises $10M for enterprise analytics on the go

MeLLmo, developer of the mobile enterprise analytics suite Roambi, announced it has raised $10 million in its third round of funding from around 15 angel investors — though the company wouldn’t disclose which.

Roambi lets iPad use Salesforce, Google Docs on the run

MeLLmo, Inc., a San Diego startup still running on bootstrap money, has released the latest revision of its iPhone app, Roambi ES3 — pronounced ROAM-bee — with support for 10 major corporate data sources including the newly upgraded Google Docs. Roambi, which I wrote about last year, is one of the few iPhone apps that goes beyond cutesy graphics to serious data visualization tools. The company rethought the graphical interface to, for example, an Excel spreadsheet when handled on an iPhone screen instead of a big desktop with a keyboard and mouse.

RoamBi rethinks corporate data display on the iPhone

It’s now a given that many sales people, bizdev managers, and other road warriors want to use their iPhones for work, rather than toting a company-issued handset they don’t truly love. Many are leaving their laptops behind, using the iPhone as a pocket Mac.  But how do you look at spreadsheets on an iPhone’s smaller screen?