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Why every company needs a chief evangelist

With technology, marketing has changed forever. Perhaps it’s time to start hiring “chief evangelists” instead of the traditional marketer.


More valley, less silicon: Is China’s dragon about to roar?

More than four out of 10 global executives polled by KPMG believe that the world center of technology innovation will not be Silicon Valley within four years. And among those who believe that Silicon Valley will lose its place as the de facto world capital of technology, a similar four out of 10 believe China will house the next dynamo of technological creation.

At Apple’s headquarters, a somber scene with a bagpipe tribute (videos)

Tonight, a crowd of onlookers and press has gathered at Apple’s headquarters to mark the passing earlier today of Steve Jobs. The flags are lowered to half mast. Employees are filtering out slowly. It’s a very sad scene as a small crowd looks at a bouquet of flowers in front of the building. Briefly, there was a rainbow near the campus.