What companies must do to survive the decade

Companies all over the world are becoming increasingly worried about their ability to innovate and compete in the fast-changing technology world. That’s according to GE’s third annual “Global Innovation Barometer” released Jan 17.

Top five exoskeletons (gallery)

Human beings have been using technology to extend their physical capabilities since the first stone tools but the bionic man is no longer just a sci-fi dream. Meet five exoskeletons which let paraplegics walk again, extend the endurance of soldiers and keep first-responders safe in a nuclear accident.

After two decades, Dean Kamen, the mascot of invention, is still touting educational sports

Dean Kamen refers to himself as a “mascot” for technology. The founder of Deka Research and well-known inventor has more than 440 U.S. and foreign patents. He created the insulin pump and the portable dialysis machine, and the Segway scooter. He was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 2005 and won the National Medal of Technology in 2000.

Now your robots can post status updates too with MyRobots.com

Launched on December 20th by RobotShop, the social network aims to connect robots and other intelligent electronic devices to the Internet. Instead of posts about how much fun they had with friends last night, robots can post useful updates such as “My battery is low” or “Help me, I’m stuck in a corner.” Updates from the robots are automatic and can be monitored by the robot’s human companion. You can also control your robots remotely and monitor their needs from MyRobots.

Teach your robot new tricks this Cyber Monday at the RobotsAppStore (video)

[vimeo 32353014 w=640 h=360] If you haven’t gotten a gift for your robot this Cyber Monday (what, you don’t have one yet?), you might want to think about visiting the RobotsAppStore, the Internet’s first portal for paid robot apps. The RobotsAppStore hosts a variety of programs created by enthusiasts worldwide who want to extend the functionality of robots everywhere.

RoboteX brings in $3.6M to build robotic avatars

RoboteX, maker of robotic platforms, has raised $3.6 million of an expected $6 million in equity, according to a filing with the SEC. The robotic platforms have the potential to be used as war robots, though the technology company claims its RoboteX Avatars can also be used for academic, personal and industrial use. Based in Palo Alto, Calif., the company last raised $2.6 million from undisclosed investors in January.