A home robot for the price of a tablet

Jibo is stout with a big round glassy face and turns to greet you when you walk in the door. When I met this little device, it was sitting on a table inside a hotel room in midtown, looking like a sleekly designed minimalist version of R2-D2.


How robots filmed Hollywood's latest blockbuster, 'Gravity'

Hollywood’s latest blockbuster “Gravity” was filmed by robots. Four giant industrial robots whisked props, lights and even actors around the set in a ballet of split-second precision, as well as doing the camerawork. They call it cinematic automation.


Video robotics company Swivl raises $500K

Swivl is a sort of Roomba for Facetime. It swivels (hence the name) to track a speaker and capture video without the need for a dedicated cameraman. It’s especially useful in modern, video-enabled classrooms for online education.

Engineers, this IBM robot will steal your job

A robotic arm, equipped with audio and video hardware, provides a direct link from the supervisor to the situation and machinery. The arm also contains a projector, so the supervisor can literally draw out a plan of attack and overlay it on the onsite engineer’s view.

What companies must do to survive the decade

Companies all over the world are becoming increasingly worried about their ability to innovate and compete in the fast-changing technology world. That’s according to GE’s third annual “Global Innovation Barometer” released Jan 17.

Top five exoskeletons (gallery)

Human beings have been using technology to extend their physical capabilities since the first stone tools but the bionic man is no longer just a sci-fi dream. Meet five exoskeletons which let paraplegics walk again, extend the endurance of soldiers and keep first-responders safe in a nuclear accident.

Robot settlers help colonize the moon

A robot descends slowly into a “skylight” on the moon, the gateway to a lunar cave network sheltered from the harsh thermal environment and micrometeorites showering the surface. Its objective? To scout and construct habitats suitable for human beings.

Paraplegics walk again with bionic exoskeleton ReWalk

It took Claire Lomas 17 days to complete the London marathon. The twist? Lomas is paralyzed from the chest down and walked the entire course wearing a robotic exoskeleton called the ReWalk. ReWalk users, who thought they would never walk again, can stand, sit, walk and climb stairs.

Robots need apps too

Is your robot stressed? Robot yoga for the humanoid robot Nao is just one of the applications you can download from the RobotAppStore, which just landed a $250,000 investment from Grishin Robotics.

Robots won’t take your job, but automation might

“Many of us will live to see the day where we have physical, non-human colleagues,” says Matt Beane, a researcher at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, and he doesn’t mean the office dog. Beane’s research addresses what he calls “The Avatar Economy”, where remote workers operate robots.