NY Companies: Get feedback from VentureBeat and RRE in May

After enjoying all of the great companies and speakers on stage at DEMO Spring, we’re already gearing up for the next DEMO event. DEMO Fall is six months away, and we’re not going to waste any time before we start hunting down the best companies for it, which is why we’re heading to New York in two weeks to host a day of presentations with RRE Ventures.

NYC companies: Get feedback from VentureBeat and RRE Ventures

If you’re based in New York and looking to launch your next big tech product, join us for a private feedback session on December 13 with one of the city’s most respected venture capital groups, RRE Ventures.

NY companies: Join us at RRE Ventures May 11

If you’re based in New York and have the next big disruptive tech company, you’ll want to apply for a special session we’re hosting next month with one of New York’s  most respected venture capital groups, RRE Ventures.