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How to learn Ruby on Rails the easy way [VB Store]

Have you ever want to learn a programming language but just haven’t known where to begin? Not only that, but you’re not sure how much time it will take – or if you have the time to invest? And just how challenging is it to learn a language like Ruby on Rails? VentureBeat has a deal that answers all of those questions.

Github community in turmoil after hacker exposes massive security flaw

Github, the service that many professional programmers use to store their work and collaborate on coding, was hacked over the weekend. A young Russian named Egor Homakov showcased a loophole in Github that would allow anyone to commit to the master copy of a project, meaning they could alter or delete the source code. But when his account was suspended by Github, a furious argument broke among developers out about his intentions. Was he doing the community a service by exposing the flaw or taking things too far with a very public hack?

Salesforce picks up Ruby on Rails web-app provider Heroku for $212M

Salesforce announced today that it has acquired Heroku, which develops and deploys web-based applications that rely on the programming language Ruby on Rails, for $212 million as part of its Cloud 2 suite of cloud applications. The company made the announcement at the Dreamforce 2010 conference in San Francisco.