The iPad Mini

Rumor: iPad Mini is going retina

The iPad mini may be a marvel of miniaturization and the best small tablet on the market, but it lacks a high-quality retina display, and it’s not exactly cheap. It looks like at least one of those issues could be resolved soon.


Apple gets cozier with Twitter integration, but passes on investment

The Twitter rumor mill is grindin’ away this morning, and here’s another tidbit just fallen from the old grindstone: Apple had been in talks to invest in Twitter, but the deal is officially off the table. Said investment supposedly hinged on Twitter’s integration with Apple’s mobile operating system.


Microsoft said to be buying Yammer

Microsoft is deep into the process of buying business social network provider Yammer, according to internal sources and conversations “overheard at the Creamery,” a cafe near Yammer’s office.

I sure hope the iPhone 5 looks like this

Pictured here is the latest mockup of Apple’s next iPhone, taking into account a slew of new and old rumors, put together by ex-Engadget editor Joshua Topolsky over at his interim online home.