iPad 2

Analyst says ‘iPad 2 Plus’ is on the way this year

The Apple iPad 2 will receive a slight redesign and be out before the end of the year, according to the latest rumors. The makeover will not include a complete refresh in hardware and could be named the ‘iPad 2 Plus’, according to Boy Genius Report.

Rumor roundup: What will Apple announce at WWDC 2011?

Apple is gearing up to kick off its Worldwide Developers Conference Monday morning, so it’s no surprise that the Apple rumor mill has been in full effect this weekend. We already know that Apple will discuss iOS 5, Max OS X Lion, and iCloud at WWDC, but the specifics have so far eluded the tech community.

Don’t bet on an LTE 4G iPhone 5 this year

Eventually one of these iPhone 5 rumors will have to pan out, so let’s keep throwing them at the wall: Industry sources say that Apple was originally planning to add LTE 4G capabilities to this year’s iPhone, but chose to delay including the technology until next year, Digitimes reports.

Suppliers: Apple hasn’t yet delivered iPhone 5 plans

We’re hearing more support for the rumor that Apple will be delaying the launch of its iPhone 5 this year: Touchscreen panel makers are saying that Apple hasn’t yet released a production roadmap for the new iPhone, Digitimes reports.

MySpace layoffs: 550 fewer friends at the office?

MySpace, the social networking site that once was social networking, could lay off a staggering half of its 1,100-employee workforce, according to AllThingsDigital.