Google's Chrome browser hits 10 percent market share

While Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is still the dominant Web browser, Google’s Chrome has been growing consistently, as is evident from a new report from NetApplications. The report shows that Chrome’s slice of the market more than doubled during the past year, from 4.63 percent in December 2009 to 9.98 percent in December 2010.

iPad hacker group responds to AT&T, reminds Apple of major Safari exploit

Last night AT&T sent an email to iPad 3G owners regarding last week’s security breach (which has grabbed the FBI’s attention) that revealed the email addresses of around 114,000 iPad 3G customers. The email didn’t offer anything more than a quick summary of the situation, but AT&T made it clear that it viewed the hacker’s attempt as malicious, reports The New York Times.

Conduit announces Google Chrome support for its massive app platform

Conduit, a company that has found great success with its cross-browser Web application platform, announced support for Google Chrome today. Now publishers will be able to develop an application once for Conduit’s platform and have it work on Chrome and other major browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari). Conduit has also made thousands of Chrome-compatible apps available at its App Marketplace, making it the largest source outside Google for Chrome apps.