Funding Daily: It’s like the San Diego firework fiasco of investment

All the news that lay dormant surrounding the July 4th holiday exploded all at once today in the funding world. Sometime amidst the barbecuing and pool parties, major deals were struck involving massive amounts of money. The biggest story, juicier than that rare burger dripping with cheese you gobbled last week, was GitHub at long last taking a round of VC money — and what a round it was. Check out the other interesting bits below.

Internet-obsessed Gen Y is changing traditional HR practices

Those who belong to Generation Y — teens and twenty-somethings, including myself — are shaking up human resource departments, according to data from Salesforce Rypple. Young professionals born in the 80s and 90s are much more social than previous generations, are obsessed with their laptops, and hold the Internet on a high pedestal.