san francisco city hall

San Francisco city government wants to give your data back to you

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee has just announced the city’s open data strategic plan, which aims to “broaden the focus of open data from simply publishing to making it available in a manner that fosters better use of the data.” This plan came five months after the appointment of Joy Bonaguro as the city’s first Chief Data Officer (CDO).

New mom Meghan Boots has investigated various flexible working solutions

My struggle to find balance as a working mom in hi-tech

I also explored the advantages of job-sharing for employers and was quickly sold. It is a proven family-friendly flexible solution, an effective way to retain high quality talent, and produces exceptional work quality.

CloudBeat 2013

25 new reasons to attend CloudBeat

If you purchase, evaluate, develop, or invest in enterprise technology, then you need to be at CloudBeat 2013, Sept. 9-Sept. 10 in San Francisco.

The new eastern span of the Bay Bridge, as a future dawn breaks gloriously over Oakland.

Rebooting the Bay Bridge: A classic rewrite story

The ground-up software rewrite is the bane of many organizations. Fortunately, we have the ultimate real-life example of a rewrite in action right here in San Francisco: the eastern span of the Bay Bridge.