How to avoid shopping fraud on Cyber Monday

There once was a time when the biggest shopping scams were overpriced department stores and fake purses. But now shoppers should be on alert for Cyber Monday, the Internet’s answer to Black Friday, which creates a whole knew arena for ripping you off.

3 tips to spot email scams before election day

During the Presidential election season, scammers can’t wait to cast their nets. It’s important to know the signs of fraud and be able to identify the difference between a legitimate email from a fraudulent one. Here are three ways to identify a potentially counterfeit email or website.

George Petre

How Facebook is fueling a new breed of social scams

User engagement is a top priority for every social network. As the average user’s number of ‘friends’ continues to increase, a critical problem for social networks has been to develop tools that help users filter and categorize relevant content

The startup con man

Two weeks ago, several tech publications wrote about DinglePharb, an exciting new social gaming developer based in the Philippines and Hong Kong.