Facebook overhauls Android SDK to help app makers reach more people

In what the company is describing as the biggest overhaul yet, Facebook today released a reworked SDK for Android designed to help app makers on the platform get their Facebook-enhanced applications in front of more of the social network’s 1 billion members.

Facebook extends its iOS 6 integration to app developers with latest SDK

The rekindled relationship between Facebook and Apple will soon bring a deeply integrated Facebook experience to Apple iOS devices that will mean big things for the social network, consumers, and Apple’s developer community. We had an inkling that that would be the case; now we know for sure.


The apocalypse is upon us: Walgreens has an API and SDK

Walgreens — yes Walgreens — has released an application programming interface (API) and a software development kit (SDK) to allow mobile developers to enable photo printing from Android and iPhone smartphones. The company has opened a developer portal (and a new Twitter account) to support mobile programmers who are enabling photo printing to 7,907 Walgreens locations across the country.

Apple devs may get an SDK to create apps for iTV at WWDC

If you haven’t heard the rumors about Apple’s television by now, you’ve been living under a sad, lonely rock. The company is now reportedly releasing a software developer kit (SDK) for the rumored talking box to create the real TV game changer: apps.

App-building platform Buddy.com grabs funding

Launched in 2011, Buddy.com is a “back-end-as-a-service” startup that provides a place for people to build mobile apps without server-side code. The company announced today it has raised $1.1 million in its seed funding.

Will Nokia build Windows phones?

(Update: Nokia disagrees with our report. However, we have two additional sources which agree with it).