Search and browse simultaneously with Slikk

What if your search engine doubled as a web browser? Would you flit about the web and quench your queries in record speed? That’s the theory startup Slikk is testing with a two-for-one search engine that includes embedded browsing features.


Yahoo revenue down 13 percent in Q4, CEO says better execution needed

Yahoo’s revenue dropped 13 percent compared to the same period last year, the company reported today. In its quarterly earnings’ announcement Tuesday, Yahoo reported $1,324 million in GAAP revenue for the fourth quarter of 2011, while costs increased by 10 percent. Excluding traffic acquisition costs from Yahoo’s partnership with Microsoft and others, the company brought in $1,169 million — down just three percent compared to last year.

Google evolution of search

Google chronicles the evolution of search (video)

Have you ever wondered how Google’s search got so good? An insightful new video released by Google uses employee interviews and engaging graphics to show how Google’s core search product has evolved since it began in 1997.

Bing replaces Google as default search engine on BlackBerry devices

At the BlackBerry World 2011 conference today in Orlando, Florida, today, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced that its Bing search engine will be replacing Google as the default search and maps provider on all of Research in Motion (RIM)’s BlackBerry devices.

YouTube Instant creator accepts YouTube job, will continue at Stanford

The past few weeks have been good to Stanford student Feross Aboukhadijeh (pictured right with YouTube CEO Chad Hurley), who created the YouTube Instant site earlier this month and was then famously offered a job at YouTube. Aboukhadijeh announced on his blog today that he will accept the YouTube job offer while continuing his studies at Stanford, and he also revealed some interesting statistics and new features for his site.

Supposed Google-killer Cuil’s reign of terror may finally be over

Cuil. Just writing that ill-begotten search engine’s name again makes me shudder. But hopefully, this may be the last we’ll hear of the site for some time. went down tonight, and according to former employees, it’s down for good, TechCrunch reports.

Bing bets big on entertainment: Adds music streams, games, TV shows, and movies

Bing is on a roll with updates for the summer. Yesterday, we reported on the search engine’s revamped iPhone app, and last night it unveiled its new entertainment section. The new portion of the site offers music lyrics and streaming, a collection of online games, a detailed list of TV episodes available to watch on the web, and improved movie-going resources.

OneRiot lets you search for Spock in realtime

Social search — the ability to find what people are tweeting on Twitter or sharing on Facebook — is heating up. Last week Scoopler began offering near-realtime search of Web content shared by users on Twitter, Flickr, Digg,, and other social networks. Today, San Francisco-based OneRiot went live with its own high-speed search of the content being shared on social networks.