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Here’s how to hacker-proof your app in 5 steps

As reports of companies suffering data breaches continue to roll in with alarming frequency, concern about data security has moved beyond the realm of IT pros and into the mainstream.

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Trust in apps is on a downward trajectory

For almost as long as apps have been on the market, consumers have been bombarded privacy concerns about the way apps gather and store and use personal information.

Beth M. Jacob

Target CIO leaves in wake of security breach as chip cards move in

As Target tries to regain its footing after the massive security breach it suffered back in December, its chief information officer, Beth Jacob, announced today that she is resigning, effective immediately. Meanwhile, the gigantic retailer is speeding up its adoption of smart credit card technology.


Want privacy? Build a new Internet

If we want to respect privacy on the Web, we must redesign it. There is no other way.