Oracle: We’re investing in Java security

Starting this fall, Oracle will release quarterly security patches. It will also respond more quickly to security issues and will do better at ensuring vulnerabilities don’t make it into the codebase in the first place.

What gun safety and cyber security should have in common

The online world can be a dangerous place for the unprepared. And it’s just going to get worse. It’s time to teach Cyber Security as integral part of the high school and college curriculum and to all corporate employees.

old phone

BYOD versus COPE: A look at the future of enterprise mobility

There’s a trend surfacing that will start to push BYOD out of the picture in the next few years. Corporately Owned, Personally Enabled (COPE) devices are the next big thing, and within the next three years, projections indicate 70 percent of global organizations will adopt it.

Why we need to pivot in the fight against ad fraud

In recent weeks there has been substantial debate about fraud in the advertising industry. Of course, these conversations aren’t new. Click fraud lawsuits have been a near constant for almost a decade.

Why security belongs to developers first

Developers aren’t security experts, and most security experts aren’t developers. There needs to be a better mutual understanding — and earlier cooperation — between the two parties to better eradicate security issues.