Mystery enterprise security startup Bluebox gets $9.5M from Andreessen Horowitz

Still in stealth mode, enterprise security startup Bluebox is keeping all the most juicy details of its business close to its chest. But we do know that the startup is compelling enough that it’s attracted a $9.5 million first funding round led by Andreessen Horowitz. Also on board is early Google investor and Sun Microsystems co-founder Andreas Bechtolsheim, who is joining Bluebox’s board of directors along with Andreessen Horowitz’s Scott Weiss. So the company clearly has a lot going for it.

BYOD and the security fun-sponge

The thinking is this: If your organization relents and lets employees use their own mobile devices for work, then there will be immediate cost savings, with the added benefit that people generally take better care of devices for which they are financially responsible.