rinspeed 1

The Rinspeed XchangE is a Tesla-based self-driving car

The driver and passenger seats fully recline, facilitated by a steering wheel that slides to the center of the dashboard giving the driver more room to stretch out.

nissan autonomous drive

Nissan demos its self-driving cars for 2020

At the Nissan 360 event in Southern California, executive vice president Andy Palmer said “zero emissions” and “zero fatalities” will be the twin pillars of Nissan’s future product strategy.

Need a nap? Call on your car copilot

Self-driving cars are all very well and good, but what if you are not ready to give up the driver’s seat? Gimlet Systems offers an alternative: a car co-pilot, which not only avoids collisions but can train you to be a better driver. Its makers expect a similar system to be in production cars within a decade.

Watch a blind man drive to Taco Bell with a little help from Google’s robot cars

Self-driving cars are one of the projects that remind you of the good old days of Google, when the company was more focused on quirky “twenty-percent-time” projects than playing catch up in the social networking space. While the cars are still far from a legal reality in most states, Google has released a new video showing Steve Mahan, who is legally blind, enjoying a ride in one of its robo-cars.

Google lobbies Nevada to be first state for self-driving cars

Google hasn’t given up on its sci-fi ambitions to make self-driving cars a reality. The company is now lobbying Nevada to be the first state to legally allow self-driving cars on public roads, the New York Times reports.