Intel connection helped chip startup Tabula raise $108M

Chip startup Tabula raised $108 million last month, one of the biggest funding rounds in history for a semiconductor company. One reason for the big funding is Tabula’s agreement with Intel to have the chip giant will manufacture the startup’s chips.

Chip industry growth slows down in September

Global chip sales grew 26.2 percent in September to $26.5 billion compared to a year ago. But September’s semiconductor sales were just 2.9 percent up from August, according to the chip industry’s trade group, the Semiconductor Industry Association.

July chip sales up 37 percent, but growth rate is slowing

July semiconductor chip sales grew 37 percent from a year ago to $25.2 billion. But the monthly gain was just 1.2 percent above June sales of $24.9 billion, according to the Semiconductor Industry Association.