Investors, pay attention to these three health trends

Digital health may be garnering all the glory for its promise to transform health care, but take a closer look and you’ll find a promising next wave of health care investments.

How sensors can lead us to better self-knowledge

Like nerve endings which translate senses into electrical impulses in your nervous system, sensors can translate the physical world into the digital. In the process, they can help humans become more aware of ourselves.

A sensor-driven life: IT companies wire up cities of the future

In a hospital somewhere, a patient falls out of bed. A loud alarm goes off, and nurses rush in. Then three blood pressure monitors and a crash cart go missing from the ER. Operations managers quickly locate them in other parts of the hospital via a GPS-like function loaded into the software on their computers.

Save energy with Veutility’s “appliance DNA”

Veutility is a new addition to the crowded energy management market. The company’s main selling point is that it uses data from a single smart meter to calculate a signature for each appliance drawing electricity. Veutility calls this signature “appliance DNA”. This signature is then used to track that appliance’s energy consumption via a web interface.

IBM: Parking spot tracker Streetline is the world’s smartest startup

IBM’s smartcamp global entrepreneur competition culminated in Dublin today with 9 startups from all around the world competing for the title of the “world’s smartest startup”. From 660 original applicants the final winner was Streetline, which helps cities track parking violations and drivers to find parking spots.