‘Airplay’ for Google TV? You need a $300 TRON bowling ball for that

Today, Google announced its slick-looking media streamer the Nexus Q, which allows people to share the digital media from their Android devices on a television. This is a feature that Apple began offering nearly a year ago via the Apple TV, but for some reason Google thought it would be a great idea to create an entire device for it that only works with Android-based smartphones and tablets.

Angry Birds to invade TVs this summer with Roku

Yes, Angry Birds is now officially everywhere. Streaming video set-top box maker Roku has announced that it’s partnering with game maker Rovio to bring Angry Birds to televisions this summer.

Internet-on-your-TV startup Boxee raises $16.5M

Boxee, the New York startup that finally started shipping its much-anticipated streaming video device the Boxee Box last November, just announced that it has raised $16.5 million in new funding.

Netflix finally lands on the Boxee Box

Support for Netflix streaming video has finally made its way to Boxee’s set-top box, the company announced today in a blog post.

Comcast to fend off Google TV with … something

Perhaps tired of seeing its customers dump traditional cable service in favor of online video (a process known as cord cutting), telecom giant Comcast is testing a new service that will combine web video content with traditional TV.

GameTree TV will bring casual games to your TV (video)

Blake Lewin, the president of Transgaming Digital Home, showed off a new TV-based GameTree TV game platform at the Intel Developer Forum this week in San Francisco. Transgaming has teamed up with Intel to create a smarter TV. Intel makes the code-named Sodaville chips — which are highly integrated consumer electronics processors — for set-top boxes. Those set-tops can link to the internet and download applications to the set-top box.