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Google dumps porn from its ads

Despite being the go-to search engine for all kinds of sexual content, Google has decided to disallow sexually explicit material from ads created by the porn industry.

7 top sex-related tech stories of 2012

Often times in the world of technology and innovation we stumble upon news that’s a bit out of our comfort zone, but still worth covering. This is never more true that when technology intersects with sex.

The most popular GamesBeat stories of 2011

Want to know which GamesBeat stories ranked most popular in 2011 — the ones that took off into the stratosphere in terms of traffic? Well, here’s a list at our top 10. We offer them up to give you a sense of the Zeitgeist for our piece of the internet.

What naughty stuff will get your video game into ratings trouble? (NSFW)

The Entertainment Software Ratings Board came up with a questionnaire today that it hopes will address the need to provide appropriateness ratings for the growing number of downloadable online games. Now game developers will have a better picture about what is OK to submit in terms of racy, violent, or other potentially offensive content.