Friend discovery

Friend discovery: the next big trend in social

Facebook has become the undisputed king of social networking, serving almost 1 billion active users and valued at over $100 billion. Even with this incredible rise, Mark Zuckerberg and many others believe we’re still at the beginning of the social revolution online.

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How to win a tech conference startup competition

As a self-proclaimed “startup junkie,” I’ve been to just about every major tech conference. Almost every one has its own version of a “startup competition.”

shaker party

Shaker founders swear it’s not a dating app on Facebook

Shaker, a Facebook application that drops you into a virtual environment where you can interact with other Facebook users, is not a dating app. Never mind you can strike up a conversation with that cute guy or girl your friend knows. Never mind that you can dance on a bar. Never mind that you can buy other users drinks.