CEOs love iPads, and other things you need to know about the cloud

Last week, VentureBeat hosted its first ever CloudBeat conference. It was a huge success (if we do say so ourselves), with more than 400 executives from cloud startups, leading cloud service providers, and various Fortune 500 companies coming together to talk shop. You can check out complete coverage of panels, talks and sessions here.

Office 365

Why Microsoft’s Office 365 will clobber Google Apps

Yes, Microsoft is a slow, lumbering giant. It has been working on cloud for years, with numerous iterations, that took so long cloud proponent Ray Ozzie got fed up and left. Microsoft had to work through cannibalizing reseller arrangements, reconciling how to reach consumers versus businesses and a host of other issues. With Office 365, Microsoft has finally delivered an end-to-end cloud platform for businesses that encompass not only its desktop Office software, but also its server software, such as Exchange and SharePoint.

Microsoft lifts New York City into the cloud

Earlier this week, VentureBeat reported on New York City’s efforts to modernize its government. The Big Apple is moving ahead quickly, announcing a partnership with Microsoft today that will anchor the city’s technology infrastructure firmly in Microsoft’s cloud.

Microsoft launches Windows Phone 7, hitting the US on Nov. 8

Microsoft finally launched its new mobile platform, Windows Phone 7, at a press conference in New York today. CEO Steve Ballmer hit the stage to give us a glimpse at the OS and the platform’s launch phones.

Microsoft focuses on collaboration and the cloud with Office 2010

After months of beta testing, Microsoft officially launched Office 2010 today at a media event in New York. The event offered few surprises, but made it clear that Microsoft is serious about integrating Office with online components, while not ignoring refinements to its desktop version.