How to make a viral video

People share for two major reasons: “a) they altruistically want to share the enjoyment of that video with others or b) they selfishly want to be seen sharing or critiquing that video.”

Evernote Food captures your memorable meals, comes to Android

My phone is full of pictures of the dishes I try at new restaurants, and now these tasty shots have a place to go beyond my SD card. Previously available on the iPhone, Evernote Food launches Thursday for Android devices. Use the app to document your meals in  pictures and words. It will then back up that info to Evernote’s main note-keeping service.

ShareThis helps publishers figure out their social weaknesses

If you’re a publisher looking to reach as many consumers as possible, web sharing platform ShareThis may have just the answer. The company, which has made a name for itself by making it easy for readers to share online content to practically any social network,  is launching two new tools today: the Social Quality Index (SQI) Analytics Dashboard and SQI Lookup.

Could collaborative consumption work in China? Not yet.

The concept of “Collaborative Consumption” is not new in the West, but it is in the East and especially in China. The term collaborative consumption basically means sharing things with other people — via barter, trade, or rental — and giving access instead of ownership. The Internet has pushed this quaint notion beyond just sharing between friends to create a powerful business model.


Create a more personal social network with Ourspot

Want to share memories with your significant other without sharing to your entire social network? Or maybe show videos and photos to your best friend and no one else? Meet Ourspot, a new website that creates a space to share videos, links, notes and memories between you and one other person.

How mobile work is changing the face of business

The emerging “sharing economy” consists of businesses dedicated to changing the very way in which we live. Tools to improve efficiency, lower cost, and encourage collaborative consumption now serve as the driving force of these companies, creating a whole new kind of economy.

Facebook holds off on controversial address and phone sharing feature

Facebook announced a few days ago that it would offer developers access to users’ address and phone number information. Not surprisingly, that’s sparked a bit of an uproar. Now, according to Facebook’s director of developer relations Douglas Purdy, the company is putting the feature on hold as it works to make the process clearer to users.

Reddit’s social news search goes from “sucked” to “works”

Social news site Reddit has graciously decided to share its end of year growth numbers in a company blog post. While the company may have grown from 250 million to more than 829 million pageviews, possibly the most interesting inclusion was that their search feature went from “sucked” to “works.”

Libox’s iPhone app is the cure to your media streaming and sharing woes

Back in June, we covered the Tel Aviv, Israel-based startup Libox, which aims to let you play your media on any device, and easily share media with friends. Now Libox has released a free iPhone app, and after playing around with it for a few hours, it’s clear that the company has created something that practically every iPhone owner would find invaluable.