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Funding Daily: Big-money Friday

Unlike most Fridays, there were a ton of funding deals today: a huge round for online home-goods retailer Wayfair, $35 million for startup school General Assembly, a $20 million round for Shazam, and more.

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How Shazam stayed on top by reinventing itself — twice

Naming that tune has been the name of Shazam’s game for more than decade. But should you confuse Shazam for a predictable, tired old company, you’re even more clueless than the perplexed person who can’t place a familiar track.

Shazam tops 5 billion tags

Helping people everywhere answer the nagging question, “what’s that song?,” Shazam today celebrates its 5 billionth tag,


A web geek’s round-up for watching the Super Bowl

The NFL’s Super Bowl championship football game is routinely one of the most watched televised events of the year with over 100 million viewers. But increasingly, people don’t just want to watch the game, they want to interact with it. For me, that means keeping my iPhone and iPad open while the television is on. And this year’s game will actually allow me to use both devices for more than just a distraction during the commercial interruption. With that in mind, we’ve put together a round-up of sites and services that are taking full advantage of the Super Bowl hype.

Bennie and the Jets lyrics

Shazam Player is the be-all, end-all music app for the lyrically challenged

There’s nothing more perplexing than figuring out the lyrics to an Elton John song — it’s a running joke on the Internet and in television shows and commercials — but a new iOS application from one of the most recognizable startups in the music space could stop the head-scratching for good.