Facebook reportedly working on a news reader

Facebook is reportedly working on a news-delivery service to add to its mobile offering. Sources familiar with the matter told the Wall Street Journal that the company has been working on the product for over a year.

Father’s Day: What’s your ROI?

This Father’s Day, you can sit with your feet up waiting for your “Father of the Year” award, or you can try something different. Your ROI may not come right away, but you are making a valuable investment that will be passed on to future generations.

Why do so many young women want to be COOs?

In the last three months I have had several of my female students or recent business school graduates tell me that their aspiration is to be a chief operating officer. What’s odd is that I never hear that from young male students.


Sheryl Sandberg, superhero (and now, author)

Should we all just bow down to Cheryl Sandberg now? What can this woman not do? Smart, technical, superrich, twice-successful entrepreneur, powerful, beautiful, a successful public speaker, a smart dresser: Facebook chief operating officer Cheryl Sandberg is now, apparently, also an author.

Zuckerberg a no-show at pre-IPO analyst meeting

Mark Zuckerberg may have completed the ultimate power play in nabbing a majority of Facebook’s voting rights, but the youthful chief executive would apparently prefer to take a back seat as his social networking company courts analysts and investors on the road to a public offering.

Facebook announces Offers, new Sponsored Stories, & mobile ads

Facebook’s marketing conference in New York today brought big news for social media advertisers. In addition to bringing Offers and new promotional tools to marketers, Facebook is also allowing ads to creep into mobile news feeds.