Amazon fulfillment services use the company's familiar, smiley boxes

Amazon forges new deal with USPS to deliver packages on Sundays

It wasn’t long ago that the United States Postal Service (USPS) was lobbying Congress to allow it to stop delivering packages on weekends due to budgetary constraints. That equation, however, lacked Amazon.Under a new deal with online retail giant Amazon announced today, the USPS will now be shipping packages on Sunday for the first time. And since both UPS and FedEx typically charge more for Saturday deliveries (neither deliver on Sunday), I’d imagine the USPS was able to work out a pretty lucrative deal with Amazon to make this happen.“If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can order a backpack for your child on Friday and be packing it for them Sunday night,” said Amazon VP of worldwide operations Dave Clark, in a statement. “We’re excited that now every day is an Amazon delivery day, and we know our Prime members, who voraciously shop on Amazon, will love the additional convenience they will experience as part of this new service.” While the shipping deal is being targeted at Amazon Prime members, the Sunday delivery option will be available to all Amazon customers.Amazon said the Sunday delivery program will roll out to a large portion of the country some time in 2014, including Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, and Phoenix.

Fighting climate change, one barnacle at a time

The humble barnacle may seem an unlikely villain in the war on climate change, but those little crustaceans are not as innocent as they look. Ships encrusted with barnacles experience turbulence, which can increase the fuel they use by up to 50 percent.

Discount shipping goes mobile with uShip

uShip is a transport marketplace for people who need to move large items; from boats to horses, heavy machinery to household items. Users list items they want to move, and transport companies with spare capacity offer quotes at up to 50% discount on the normal shipping rates. Today, uShip launched its first mobile application for iPhone, Android and WebOS smartphones.