Ludei’s CocoonJS enables blazing-fast HTML5 mobile games (exclusive)

As the lingua franca for the web, HTML5 is becoming the format of choice for making cross-platform apps. But when it comes to games, HTML5 apps run too slow. So Ludei, a San Francisco company with a team in Spain, is launching a new platform to turn the HTML5 games into blazing fast applications that take advantage of the graphics hardware in mobile devices.

Game Closure raises $12M for HTML5 cross-platform games

Game Closure has raised $12 million in a first round of funding for its HTML5-based cross-platform multiplayer game business, which aims to provide tools to developers that can help them deal with one of their most painful tasks: taking a game and spreading it out across many platforms without squandering engineering talent.

Social incubator YouWeb raises $2M

Technology company incubator YouWeb has spawned incredibly successful social and mobile game companies. Now the Burlingame, Calif.-based incubator has raised $2 million in funding for itself.