DST may invest $200M in Chinese microblogging company, Sina Weibo

In July, it was reported that Sina Corp. had turned down Digital Sky Technology (DST)’s $500m investment in Sina Weibo, a Chinese micro-blogging service. But it seems that the talk between two parties is still on going. We just heard from a reliable source that Sina finally accepted the investment from DST, an international investment firm founded by Yuri Milner. The source said the deal can ‘almost’ be confirmed:

China’s Twitter-like Weibo service won’t seek an IPO, says CEO

Huge Chinese Internet portal Sina denied today that it has plans to launch an IPO for its popular Weibo microblogging service. Rumors have been circulating about a potential IPO and about how valuable such a move could be for Sina. However, Sina CEO Charles Chao said on stage at the GMIC (Global Mobile Internet Conference) in Beijing today that an IPO was not the best route to take with Weibo.