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Two guys from Singapore changing the way we take out loans

When loan sharks bite, they bite hard and often leave a nasty scar. But when you need cash and the bank is shutting you out, there’s often no other option.
Aidil Zulkifli, a lawyer in Singapore, and Izati Ngaliman, who heads up the marketing side, founded Singapore-based LoanGarage in 2012 to solve this problem. The two founders are building the business with the goal of making loan sharks more transparent.

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Opportunity and innovation: mBlox and the excitement of Singapore

The story of mBlox in Singapore is one that starts with the industriousness of the people there. Five years ago we acquired the South East Asian network assets of a company called Zed and hired the local employees. We initially had about 12 staff situated there…

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Untapped Opportunities in Singapore

When people think of Singapore, they probably think of a bustling financial center. What many people do not realize, however, is that Singapore is also developing a thriving software ecosystem that makes it a perfect place…

DEMO Asia kicks off with 76 startups from 14 countries (slideshow)

The very first DEMO Asia officially kicked off Wednesday in Singapore. The three-day conference is a launchpad for entrepreneurs and startups from around Asia, and for non-Asian companies that want to get their products on the Asian market.

DEMO Asia is holding auditions — beginning today!

In Feb-March of next year, I’m heading to Singapore to attend DEMO Asia, a new event we’ve created to showcase the most disruptive technology companies in the Asia Pacific region.

Can Asia out-innovate America?

Go East, young entrepreneur! The chance to become rich and famous with a startup is no longer just an American dream. It’s happening in Asia too, as talent, energy and resources flow from the U.S. to the east.